Contributing to this guide

This guide is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. The source documents are available on github. Please contribute patches, no matter how small, to correct errors or omissions. It’s very easy!

I initially intended to write multiple variants of the introductory chapter “Basic Unix/C workflow”: One targeting Ruby/Rails developers, etc. I gave up due to a lack of time, but if you’d like to contribute such a chapter, please do. It could be tricky because I introduce concepts in a particular order, and an introductory chapter for (say) Rails development would require installing third-party packages, something I don’t touch on until much later.

Super-easy way to contribute small patches

If you have a small correction to wording or spelling, you can browse to the source file on github, click the button that says “Fork and edit this file”, make your change, and submit a “pull request”. This will require you to create a (free) account on github, but you don’t even need to checkout the source files onto your computer.

Or just email me the correction. Unless you ask me otherwise, I will use your name and email address in the change logs, which will be visible to anyone who downloads the source repository from github.

More complex changes

See the README for instructions on generating the html from the source haml files.